Helping you achieve your goals is our priority.

Become pain-free, trim and tone.

Recover from an op or injury.

Enhance performance in dance or sport through elite training.

Pilates develops core stability and corrects postural alignment through strength training.

By aligning body and mind, through breath and focus, we work through a total body-toning workout which can also alleviate back pain, correct muscle imbalances, stabilise joints, stimulate endocrine systems and help you achieve better health and fitness.

Our studio pilates classes incorporate the use of a range of equipment including the pilates reformer, wunda chair, wall tower and ped-a-pole.

Pilates class sizes are strictly limited and are perfect for those who are looking to improve in their selected sport or dance, who are rehabilitating from an injury or condition, who are pregnant or who just want a good all round work out. 

Pilates Matwork Classes

This is a great all round workout that is perfect for people with no back issues or injuries.
Class numbers are restricted to 15.  In this pilates class you will get a full body work out that incorporates flexibility, upper body strength, core control, back extension, lateral flexion and spinal flexiblity.  Working in a group ensures you get a great workout as you will be keeping up with the others in the class.

Studio Pilates Classes

These small classes target your individual needs while improving posture, core strength and alignment. Incorporating the use of the pilates reformer, wunda chair, wall tower, ped-a-pole and various small apparatus, this exercise class provides a good all round workout.  Perfect for those who are rehabilitating from an injury or who are looking to improve strength and conditioning.  Also suitable for women who are pregnant or who have recently had a baby.

Pilates for Dancers

These classes are individually tailored and will focus on developing strength and flexibility for dance, incorporating exercises that improve leg line and height, improve turn-out, improve foot and ankle range and strength, and flexibility of the spine. Classes are also excellent for dancers who require assistance with rehabilitation from an injury.

Garuda Classes

Garuda offers a workout drawing deeply on mental focus and teaching the sacred principle of relaxation within movement.  The results are a stronger, leaner body with increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, and a greater sense of ease and well-being. The routines and exercises are limitless and aimed at improving your function in everyday life.  They work every area of your body, incorporating standing, barre work, seated and matwork.

Barre Fitness Classes

These fun classes fuse techniques from dance, pilates and yoga, incorporating strength and flexibility training with some cardio.  You don’t have to learn dance routines or tricky co-ordination – it’s about mental strength and reconnecting your body.  We’ll be focusing on targeting the butt, hips, arms and thighs through strengthening, lengthening and toning. 
Classes are low impact and suitable for everyone.

Functional Fitness Classes for Seniors

These classes cater for conditions and ailments of aging bodies. We will focus on improving your balance and mobility while increasing your strength, flexibility and bone density to help reduce your risk of falls. Movement is life and by taking some time each week to enjoy our friendly classes you will find that the things you want to do with your life become easier – whether it be gardening, travelling, playing tennis or golf or looking after the grandkids.

Ballet for Fun

Move your body and challenge your balance with our ballet for fun classes.  These low pressure classes help to challenge your balance, improve your leg strength, improve flexibility and leave you feeling graceful and floating through your day.

Move and Groove Functional Fitness

Enjoy your favourite tunes from the 60, 70’s, and 80’s whilst improving leg strength, flexibility, balance, grip strength, and foot mobility and stability to name a few.    Most participants are attending online but you can also attend at our studio in the Dee Why Grand.


Are you pregnant or have recently had a baby?

Our pilates studio classes are safe for women at all stages of pregnancy.  We specialise in prenatal pilates, pregnancy pilates and post natal pilates.  We will provide you with an individualised program designed to prepare you for birth and postpartum recovery.  Classes have a strong focus on maintaining abdominal strength during pregnancy and education on pelvic floor activation.

Private & Semi-Private Pilates Classes

These pilates exercise classes enable you to have an exercise program devised to target specific goals, injuries or conditions.  They can be shared with a friend and are equivalent to having your own personal trainer, whose goal is to help you to achieve yours!  These classes are especially recommended if you have a chronic condition or injury that keeps flaring, as the constant supervision will ensure that you are not falling back into bad muscle recruitment patterns.

Confirm availability in the class of your choice today.

Garuda Barre Work

Demonstrated by James D’Silva

Pilates for Dancers

These classes are based on the work of Karen Clippinger M.S.P.E. Professor and author of Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology with whom Lisa was certified in Dance Specialization. Lisa regularly attends ongoing professional development with body conditioning experts from the top dance companies in the world. Classes include the use of pilates equipment like the reformer, wunda chair, wall tower and various small apparatus.

We also deliver workshops for dance teaching faculties and their students.  These can be designed to cater to improving dance technique and safe dance for dance students or to give teachers tools to help their students improve their technique and strength through Pilates.