Dance & Pilates Classes for Over 55s

Looking for improved agility, mobility and pain free movement?

Don’t worry if you have never tried pilates, dance or functional fitness before, our small classes mean that we can help you find your way.  We will focus on improving your strength and flexibility and increasing your bone density.  Movement is life and by taking some time each week to enjoy our friendly classes you will find a new stronger, more agile and happier you!

Ballet for Fun

Move your body and challenge your balance with our ballet for fun classes. These low pressure classes help to challenge your balance, improve your leg strength, improve flexibility and leave you feeling graceful and floating through your day.

Move and Groove Functional Fitness

Enjoy your favourite tunes from the 60, 70’s, and 80’s whilst improving leg strength, flexibility, balance, grip strength, and foot mobility and stability to name a few. We add some fun by including some simple dance moves.

pilates functional fitness for seniors

Studio Pilates

These semi-private classes incorporating the use of the pilates reformer and various other apparatus to help you achieve greater strength and flexibility and address issues related to pain or injury. Limited to four people per class, these classes are tailored to your individual needs.



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